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30/06/2019 5:44 pm  

Hello my Gamertag is Everbad I have been playing since 1.8. I mostly play on SMP servers and have played each type Anarchy, Semi, Vanilla.

I got bord of Anarchy cheats allowed because it completely removes any reason to make farms, grinders or play survival in general. So on 6/29/2019 I googled Semi-SMP no map reset server, no cheats, and a 1-month filter and this is what came up. I glad I found a new SMP server with a strong server rig and /homes, tpa, /spawn cause it really improves SMP gameplay. I also really love the free speech although I'm not truly racist, sexist or homophobic it's still fun to call people names even if I don't actually mean them. I also like the admin on this server instead of just up and banning me straight out he gave me the opportunity to explain what I was doing.

 Other games I play ESO, Age of empires watch youtube a lot. 

Should be able to find me on Discord as Everbad #7039


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