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Andrew LeCamus
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09/06/2019 3:09 am  

Minecraft IGN - Musickid72

What Server Are You Apply for Staff On? - Prison server

How Long Have you been playing? - Saying that it is not out yet i haven't been able to play on this server yet

How many People Have you brought to the network? -  No one  because not that many people that i know have minecraft on pc

Why Do You Want to Become Staff? i would love to become staff becausee i want to help people with questions and if they need help or report something that is very urgent i will stop whatever i am doing and i will go check it out

What is your experience moderating minecraft servers? i have been admin on  a server called lucky prison

How could you help the network? i could help the server by stopping hackers, advertising other servers,  and helping new players if they have an questions and stopping scammers on prison server

Why do we need you as staff? i think you would need me as staff because you dont have anyone to help you run the prison server

What is your discord? My discord is Musickid72


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