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Staff Application redone  


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16/06/2019 9:52 pm  

Minecraft IGN - EmojjiiPants

What Server Are You Apply for Staff On? - Play.HardcoreMinecraft.Net

How Long Have you been playing? - i started when it had a hub there was a raid server i think

How many People Have you brought to the network? - 0 so far

Why Do You Want to Become Staff?because it will give me something else to do during the day 

What is your experience moderating Minecraft servers? None but it’s not to late to start

How could you help the network? by doing what im asked to do when im needed

Why do we need you as staff?you have no staff and i want to help because helping can get you farther because when you help people they might help back

What is your discord? Mayitham mods#2150

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21/06/2019 11:21 am  

will keep you in mind

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