Here is my question

Here is my question  


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05/06/2019 7:18 pm  

GasPounds Don't read this unless u gay

So my question is Spoopylilkira post her staff application and 30 min she gets staff right

I post my staff application that actually put 3 hours of work into (4 days ago btw) And still nothing. I post the we are the best clan and he replies to it (This is 2 days after I posted my staff app) and I'M wondering IF you still reply to shit on the forums and everyone else BUT ME I must be hated? Also someone said they were apparently staff So I can trust them to live in my base...  Is this just he doesn't like me or? gaspounds cmn

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06/06/2019 9:10 pm  

First of all, why wouldn't you want gas to read this? It sounds like the complaint you have is with him more than anything else and he w0uld provide the best answer out of all of us. I'm assuming that Spoopy got admin either because she knows Gas irl or Gas just wanted one staff member for now, so he accepted the first person to apply. Keep in mind that this server has only had more than like 5 people on it at one time in it's lifetime, so gas probably doesn't need many staff members right now. Whining about not getting accepted probably won't help your case either...

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